Eel fish translate

Eel fish translate

Eel fish translate severa voracious elongate snakelike bony fishes (order Anguilliformes) which have a easy slimy skin, lack pelvic fins, and feature the median fins confluent across the tail

fish with eels as bait

transport or make (one`s manner) sinuously or insidiously Stories my Russian buddies had advised me approximately the loads who had been trampled at Stalin’s funeral got here lower back to me. Finally, we gave up and eeled our manner out of there.
Ian Frazier

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There are extra than 500 fish species called eels. They are slender, elongated, and commonly scaleless, with lengthy dorsal and anal fi ns which might be non-stop across the tail tip. Eels are located in all seas, from coastal areas to the mid-depths. Freshwater eels are active, predatory fish with small embedded scales. They develop to adulthood in freshwater and go back to the sea, in which they spawn and die. The obvious younger waft to the coast and make their manner upstream. Freshwater eels, taken into consideration precious meals fish, consist of species starting from four in (10 cm) to approximately 111⁄2 ft (3.five m) lengthy.

Example Sentences Eel fish translate

Disfrutar’s innovative menu consists of a bun filled with caviar and bitter cream in addition to pesto served with pistachios and eel.

Charles Trepany, USA

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Middle English ele, from Old English ǣl; corresponding to Old High German āl eelearlier than the twelfth century, withinside the which means described at feel 1aVerb withinside the which means described at feel


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