Eel fish uk

Eel fish uk

Eel fish uk The eel is well-known for each its slippery nature and its substantial migration from its freshwater domestic to the Sargasso Sea wherein it breeds. It has suffered dramatic declines and is a blanketed species.

Conservation status

Priority Species below the United Kingdom Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework. Listed as Critically Endangered on the worldwide IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

When to see Eel fish uk

The eel is a totally long, slim fish which could develop to over a metre in length. It seems clean and lacks the plain scales and gills of different fish. It may be discovered in rivers and ditches, however leaves its freshwater domestic to reproduce in a place of the west Atlantic Ocean referred to as the Sargasso Sea. Young eels (regarded as ‘Elvers’) go back to freshwater rivers to develop. Eels are predators and scavengers, feeding on useless animals, fish eggs, invertebrates and different fish.

The eel is a snake-like freshwater fish.

A organization of weird fish referred to as lampreys appearance comparable however have massive sucker-like mouths and no pectoral fins. Eels variety in shade above, from silver to olive-green, and feature yellow bellies.


Eels are capable of live to tell the tale out of water for pretty a long term and might move slowly via moist grass to attain water.

How humans can assist

The Wildlife Trusts paintings with planners, water companies, landowners, statutory our bodies and anglers to assist make our waterways and waterbodies as right for natural world as they’re for humans. By operating together, we are able to create Living Landscapes: networks of habitats stretching throughout metropolis and us of a that permit natural world to transport approximately freely and those to revel in the advantages of nature. Support this greener imaginative and prescient for the destiny through becoming a member of your nearby Wildlife Trust.

Fundraising promise

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