is Pakistan safe

Is Pakistan safe | Is Pakistan safe than India

Is Pakistan safe | Is Pakistan safe than India | Is Pakistan safer than India?

Since 2014 according to dawn, tourism in Pakistan has increased by 317%, easy to believe a figure especially. When you see a large number of travel influencers and content creators in Pakistan recently who have been promoting tourism. So in this article, I will discuss Is Pakistan safe than India or Is Pakistan safer than India? and also Is Pakistan safe 

About traveling in Pakistan the internet today is filled with all sorts of opinions, particularly some of these particular accurate some of them, in the country which other are poor and written by travelers who just spent a few days, In the world that they felt very safe during their visit claiming that Pakistan is one of the safest country.

Events like car accidents, kidnappings, and terrorist attacks tend to happen unexpectedly, when you feel safe, It does not matter from what’s country you are, Because nothing happened is kind of naïve so saying that you felt safe.

I Love Pakistan and mostly people are visited from other countries and it is seen Pakistanis t safest country in the world.

is Pakistan safe
is Pakistan safer than India 

Is Pakistan safe

As long as Pakistan is a safe country all precautions are taken to avoid any inconvenience. Most places in Pakistan are completely dated safer and safer every day, But the country contains some dangerous areas also, for free even in some tourist areas the police may assign you an armed escort. With you travel with an extra some areas of Pakistan are safe for tourist, a tiny bit of caution, you will have one of your greatest experiences.

Is Pakistan really Safe?

Pakistan has many places to discover for visitors. Pakistan is a safe country for women people give much respect to them. Security issues may be resolved and you are safe in Pakistan. If you want to visit the beautiful places of Pakistan then you can easily visit without any fear of security. People give you much respect and if you need help a body then they always ready.

Is Pakistan Safer than India

But as India in India, the crime rate against women went u by around 131% last year. India ranks as one of the most dangerous countries for women in the world. They are not able to control the crime against women these are increasing. According to Thomson Reuters Foundation. The survey is about 550 experts on women’s issues ranked war-torn Afghanistan and Syria. Mostly western women will face aggressive or hostile behavior. Unwanted attention and staring is also big problem.

Crowds: Is Pakistan safe

Pakistan has 220 million people while India has 1.3 billion people. In India, it’s the concerning part you can find the crowd everywhere from Airport to everywhere. While in Pakistan the crowd is not dense as in India. Three are some reasons why experienced feels different in Pakistan. Pakistan has less population and the roads of Pakistan are wider, which gives the travels a more space. By In is the crowds do not only mean but it includes animal like a monkey, dogs, cows, etc., which sometimes may become a big problem for visitors.

Tourism: Is Pakistan safe

In India tourism is more developed, Today many tourists visit Pakistan but in India many tourist travels. People may find planned tours in Pakistan, You may find much variety in Pakistan. But you feel special in Pakistan because the locals take more interest in you.

Scam: Is Pakistan safe

Because of the fewer number of tourists in Pakistan opportunities for scammers are founded. To grow the scam culture need develop the tourism industry; roper guidelines are to provide tourists to visit the beautiful areas. When you travel to Pakistan it’s better to check the guideline available before traveling. . In India many scams available because the more people visit India and people face the more scam.

Travelers Types Is Pakistan safe

Pakistan is the best country if your visit as travelers they offer best packages for you have things to plan for you, Pakistan is a better choice. In Pakistan do it your self-stuff and offers adventures, people find the packaged the full fill their needs. If you are first a time traveler I will recommend you Pakistan because it’s a safe country as a security-wise also.

But if you plan to travel and you are an adventure lover then you can plan for India it would be best suited for you. They are less planned tour packages. If you are an experienced traveler then you know how to make your day in a foreign country.

Female solo travelers Is Pakistan safe

In Pakistan many women work in the hotel service industry, you find more women working in the reception also, tourist places are also crowded and there are fewer chances. Many well-known women experiences visited Pakistan and you can check out their experiences on YouTube also. A few females capture their trip travelers’ experiences.

In India, there are a lot of female travelers but thesis a difficulty regarding crowds and scams. India is not a safe country for women.

Final words

I have discussed with details about Is Pakistan safe than India so Is Pakistan safer than India learn Is Pakistan safe Is Pakistan safe than India Is Pakistan safer than India so at the end of this article I comes at this point some times Pakistan is safer than India for example for the visitors and for female and much more. If you want to see more guides to traveling then visit our website


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