Long travel 4runner

Long travel 4runner

Long travel 4runner If you’re searching out a bigger growth in journey over manufacturing facility alternative lifts, that is the lengthy journey setup had to do so. The Total Chaos +2″ gadget presents the whole lot you want, besides for shocks and prolonged axle shafts.

This package is a brilliant alternative for the ones trying to growth journey at the trail, or to race in restrained width classes.

LONG TRAVEL 4 wheel drive 4340 AXLES +2″ EXTENDED

Designed to be used with TC +2″ lengthy journey systems.
4340 warmness handled 2″ prolonged axle shafts and clamps are blanketed.
Re-makes use of manufacturing facility Toyota internal and outer CV joints and boots.

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ADD Long Travel King 2.five Coilovers with far off Resi *
These are King`s 2.five″ far off reservoir the front coilovers for the Total Chaos +2″ Toyota lengthy journey systems.

Total Chaos fifth Gen 4Runner +2″ Long Travel Suspension (2010+) quantity
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VEHICLE FITMENT Long travel 4runner

The +2” Total Chaos Long Travel Kit comes with the whole lot you want for you to run lengthy journey shocks (now no longer blanketed) to your fifth Generation 4Runner. Whether you want extra journey on the ones tighter trails, or don`t need a extremely good huge competitive stance, that is the package you must do not forget buying.

This is a race prison package that permits admission to unique tracks with width limitations.

The 4130 Chromoly top and decrease manage fingers are prolonged 2” every and bolt to manufacturing facility mounting locations. There isn’t anyt any want to reduce or weld new mounting locations.

The ball joints at the top and decrease manage fingers also are upgraded to 1” uniballs. These permit for extra motion which presents higher coping with and alignment specs.

Lower manage fingers are absolutely boxed to deal with whatever you throw at them, however additionally consist of a secondary mount for shocks and bypasses relying to your setup.

This package is made to paintings with 2.five” unique lengthy journey coilover shocks. This package will now no longer paintings with prolonged journey shocks as they’re now no longer lengthy enough.

Adjustable straps are blanketed on this package to assist save you immoderate slump that could purpose harm to shocks. These may be set to more than one settings relying to your setup.

Extended DOT brake strains also are blanketed as a way to cope with the brand new quantity of journey allowed.

In order to preserve 4 wheel drive, TC 4340 prolonged axle shafts need to be used on this package. These aren’t blanketed, however may be introduced on.

Like all of Total Chao merchandises , the Long Travel Kit is two

staged powder covered to make certain a fine end in addition to to save you corrosion. All guidetotraveling of Total Chaos merchandise are produced right here withinside the United States. Long travel 4runner

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