Virginia rebellion travel softball

Virginia rebellion travel softball

Virginia rebellion travel softball Many gifted ladies tryout for journey groups and don`t pretty match what the coaches are seeking out. They tryout time and again, giving it their all, beneathneath the strain to affect adults they`ve in no way met, and in no way informed that they’d very little shot to make the already set up roster. And maximum times, they don`t obtain comments from the coaches; they’re ghosted and left annoyed and deflated.

The Rebellion is seeking out   ladies who’ve

expertise and ardour to play softball at a excessive level. Girls who’ve fantastic instincts for the sport, like to play, are coachable and scrappy. Girls who apprehend the sport is for them, now no longer their coaches or parents, and who recognize the sport is fun, and that triumphing takes tough paintings.

These ladies don`t quit. They are fearless. They display desire,

willpower and dedication. They are hungry to show that they belong. They are resilient and strong. They need to enhance thru effective comments and sincere critique. They are inclined to place withinside the exercise required to get higher. The talents are there – a bit coaching and a few mechanical tweaks and those ladies shine. They are fighters. They warfare thru adversity. They win or learn; they in no way lose. These are Rebellion ladies.

They win or learn; they in no way lose. These are Rebellion ladies.

Every at bat, each swing, each pitch, each grounder or pop fly offers a brand new possibility to prevail or learn. The philosophy of the Rebellion displays this concept. We are devoted to assisting the woman`s broaden a winner`s mind-set. Each participant can do this, they simply want a chunk of encouragement, and the need and the subject to do so.

Are we doing what we are saying we’re doing?

Western Loudoun  Rebellion changed into born out of the concept that there may be increase and gaining knowledge of thru adversity. There can be ladies who’re greater gifted, however there`s no excuse for being outworked. Our ladies will scrap and combat to the final out – helping and gambling for each other thru the hardest of practices and the maximum tough of games – due to the fact quitters in no way win and winners in no way quit.

In turn, we assume our gamers to:

Below you’ll locate our Mission Statement and our Promises. Our first promise is to frequently revisit our Mission Statement and ask ourselves a easy query every time:

Every champion changed into as soon as a contender that refused to provide up.
Through exercise, function clinics, and match play, we foster excellence, leadership, and a winner`s mind-set. We train gamers to pursue excellence with a ardour and to push themselves and others to carry out nicely in each component in their lives, on and stale the diamond.

Perform at a excessive level Virginia rebellion travel softball

Whether in exercise or in a game, ardour and pressure have to be on display.Desire to enhance: This approach being open to gaining knowledge of new talents and improving present talents. Rebellion ladies are constantly listening and gaining knowledge of.

Exhibit fearlessness Virginia rebellion travel softball

Never giving up irrespective of the opposition or the score. Our Rebellion ladies will combat tough to the stop with out the strain of “win in any respect costs.”Have fun: Working tough doesn`t imply we can`t have a terrific time! We`ll make sure practices are aggressive and fun; however, we assume seriousness withinside the warmness of warfare.

Exhibit a group-first mentality:

Cheering every different on, pushing each other to be higher, encouraging every different to live strong – all attributes of a winner`s mind-set.Show enthusiasm for the recreation: Softball is life. Allow the sport to train training past the sphere of play.

We will relentlessly use effective reinforcement, in addition to open and sincere comments to assist our gamers reap their capacity. We can be hard occasionally however we`ll in no way disrespect a participant or a figure.

Respect their teammates:

Every participant can be operating her butt off to assist the group prevail. We`ll assist each other thru difficult patches.While we need to win each game, we can play ethically, and we can be courteous and inspiring to our opposition. We admire the possibility to play in opposition to the first-rate opposition the area has to offer.

Understand recreation is a method to fitness

Both bodily and mentally. We`ll run. We`ll stretch. We`ll power train. We`ll paintings on being higher all-round human beings too.Earn a championship swagger: A winner`s mind-set takes will and willpower. No one will hand us a chip. We will paintings tough to earn each hit, each out, each W. And we`ll have fun with humility while we do.

Western Loudoun Rebellion

The exceptional cause of the Western Loudoun Rebellion VA Corporation is charitable, now no longer-for-earnings and to offer academic and guidetotraveling increase possibilities to teenagers ladies Virginia rebellion travel softball

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