yxz long travel

yxz long travel

yxz long travel  wheelbase for your vehicle and has completely Adjustable Rear suspension for toe and camber. The package consists of all important mounting hardware  a number of your authentic YXZ hardware is reused  warmness dealt with chromoly heims, new braided stainless the front brake strains and upgraded the front A arm Delron grease much less bushings

Summers Brothers Axle Set yxz long travel

Works together along with your inventory YXZ shocks! We provide a lifestyles time guarantee to the authentic consumer on workmanship on all CEF products Optional pinnacle fine components.Summers Brothers 300M Axles shafts set of four each.

Weller Racing Long Travel Tie Rod Kit

This package does now no longer consist of powder coating for ease of packaging and shipping. In our enjoy it’s far higher to take the components to a nearby Powder Coater on your vicinity and that manner you may choose the shadeation of your choice.

Weller Long Travel Tie Rod Kit yxz long travel

HD Tie Rod Kit WR Edition Replaces the complete tie rod meeting consisting of the vulnerable internal shaft ball

Hex layout for smooth adjustment

Low profile outer heim to clean each wheel we ought to find
Inner clevis made mainly for this automobile with the perspective locks to preserve from loosening

Direct OEM replacement

Inner clevis with low profile pin   clip to clean authentic bootAll additives are covered to preserve from rustingEasy to install Uses your inventory boots.

Weller Tie Rod Kit

We had been checking out those on our race motors and they’re flawless. They really are guidetotraveling  the exceptional at the market. yxz long travel

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